Dot Award
The Dorothy Gaylord Underwood
Award of Excellence
Dorothy (also known as Dimple Dot) graduated from Emmetsburg High School in 1909 and was awarded a certificate that allowed her to teach in country one-room schools. To further her education, she enrolled in Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, and earned a bachelor’s degree in 1915 with majors in Latin, German, and English. She loved teaching school, working with young people, reading, writing short stories and poetry, acting, directing, singing and playing the piano. She had a strong work ethic, devout Christian beliefs, a warm and loving disposition, and delightful sense of humor. She valued education and encouraged her family members to excel in their own educations. The Board of Directors of the C.J. & June Miller Farm, Inc. intends the Dorothy Gaylord Underwood Award of Excellence to recognize excellence, as Dorothy did during her lifetime.
Award Background
The Dorothy Gaylord Underwood Award was created to remember Dorothy’s example and lovingly honor her memory while celebrating current-day family members and their significant achievements. Hopefully, the second Dorothy Gaylord Underwood Award(s) will be presented at the 2013 Underwood Family Reunion.  The nomination process is available anytime.
Any member of the Dorothy Gaylord Underwood family, whether by blood or marriage, is eligible to receive a Dorothy Gaylord Underwood Award. The official nomination process will begin when one family member nominates another via written communication, either in hardcopy or electronic form, to the current Board President. Since the Board will either approve or reject each nomination, it is recommended that all nominations be made privately and without the nominee’s knowledge. The Board President can accept nominations at any time.
Before submitting a nomination, the nominator should carefully bear in mind the selection criteria, which are outlined below.  Nominations may be submitted by clicking here.
The written nomination should include a complete summary of the details leading up to the accomplishment as well as a thorough summary of the accomplishment itself. The written nomination should answer the following questions:
  1. Name of the nominee, including his or her relationship to the Underwood family.
  2. How has this nominee achieved excellence?
  3. Name of the individual making the nomination, his or her relationship to the nominee, and why the nominator is making the nomination of this individual at this time.
Before the next Board meeting, if the Board President has received any nominations, he or she will add the consideration of said nominations to the meeting’s agenda. If possible, the Board President will also distribute copies of the nomination(s), either in hardcopy or electronic form, to all Board members so that they may have an opportunity to review the nomination(s) in advance of the meeting.
Selection Process
The Board of Directors will vote to approve each nomination. If the motion is seconded and passes, the award will be made. If the motion fails either to receive a second or a majority vote, the award will not be made. Therefore, it is recommended that all nominations be made without the nominee’s knowledge.
Keeping in mind the sensitive and personal nature of each nomination, the Board is charged with upholding the integrity of the award itself while protecting the dignity of the nominee and his or her family as well as leading constructive, respectful debate.
Selection Criteria
Dorothy Gaylord Underwood was a woman and educator with high standards and expectations. Therefore, the selection criteria for the award named in her honor shall reflect the same. In order to receive an award, the nominee and his or her accomplishment must meet the following two-part test:
  1. Is the accomplishment related to education and/or learning?
  2. Is the accomplishment profoundly significant in relation to the nominee’s God-given talents and abilities?
If the approved nominee is physically present at the Board meeting, the Board may elect to present the award immediately. If the approved nominee is not present, the Board may either elect to mail the award certificate with a letter of commendation or, if the timeframe is appropriate, hold the award for presentation at the next family reunion.
It shall be the responsibility of the Board’s current Enterprise Chairman to produce the personalized award certificates. Any documented expense related to the production of the award certificates shall be submitted to the Board President or Treasurer for reimbursement from the farm’s checking account.
Modifications to Award Program
The Board of Directors may modify this award program at any time.

Award Winners
John Javan Maehl - MBA
Alicia Christine Underwood - High School Graduate
Kristopher Scott Burnham - Eagle Scout
Andrew Raymon Underwood - Eagle Scout
William Warren Bullamore Underwood - Eagle Scout
Jennifer Maehl Tischer - Masters in Education, Professional School Counseling
Jenna Maubach Lain - Bachelors degree, Iowa State (with honors), Drake Law degree, Iowa State Bar
Jeff Underwood - MBA, Finance emphasis
Lori Underwood - MBA, Finance emphasis
Ray and Joan Underwood - Bachelor degrees, emphasis on educational achievement to their children
Roger and Connie Underwood - Bachelor degrees, exemplary contribution to Iowa State University education of students
Brad Underwood - Certified Public Accountant degree
Chuck Underwood - Bronze Star, Agricultural Education BS, 1947 Iowa State College Student body President, Co-chair 1991 Salute to Veterans
Chris Rupp - Biology BS, Doctorate in Optometry
Michelle Rupp - Kinesiology and Health BS, Health Promotion Management Masters
Kylie Underwood - Social Work BS, Social Work Masters